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Diversity in Recruiting "More than Black and White"

Why does the Diversity conversation have to always be in black and white? If you think about it that's not being Diverse?!?! Well, let's look at it's definition: A range of different things; a variety. That leads me to several of my questions, for you.... YES YOU....the Recruiter. How much variety and how many different ways are you recruiting? Where are you looking? Who are you looking at? Are you the stone age Recruitier that post a position and pray that someone responds or are you the new millennial "No matter how old you are", that before you post you're already looking for the next greatest talent? Even if you are that millenial where are you looking? Don't worry i'll wait..... Tell you what, let's get together on this... Meet me for a few workshops given by EAP People Coproration.. Learn how to turn the then into now with the help of a link... a people link that is....

For more insight visit www.eappeople.com




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